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24 May 2010 @ 01:59 pm
 MOVING JOURNAL : NOW AT soloartworks ,</span>

I have decided to finally merge my art and doll journals into one (as dolls are pretty much an art project to me anyway.

I  really hate logging into two accounts when i want to update, and a lot of the time lazyness gets the better of me and I don't update at all... 

Slowly I will re-add you all on that account, so if you get a friend request from soloartworks it's only me :)

:) Hope you all still readd me :)
22 April 2010 @ 12:55 am
Well, I super duper suck at updating don't i?

So, dollie news: (sorry no pictures atm)

Phillipe; He is being his usual badass self. I really REALLY want to get him some new threads but I only ever choose the best stuff for him which means I have to save for it -_- I also plan to get him a new wig (black likely)but other then that, he is holding up fine. I'm just bored of him being in the same old clothes...

Étienne; gone for good now. The body he was on is now 'The Valentia' and will stay that way. I have no idea what to do with it...

But all the adventure is beggining again with my newest arrival!

Mn'iwn (I say Mn-Ewe-nn) It's Eqyptian...however I cannot remember what for.. anyway, he is a samurai! (not French OMGS) I decided I wanted to work on a doll thats not In Europe, or this century. So he is a Japanese Samurai, he will NOT be accurate.

Doll wise I already got his head, A beauifully modded Tender Elf Sha.

The elf ears are irrelavent as his wig will cover them. As many of you know I was wanting a Littel Monica Dyuke, but this baby was cheaper and had the eye shape I wanted.

However, there are drawbacks;

Sha is a DOD. I am.... not fond of DOD dolls. Not because they are unattractive, bad made or anythign like that, they just always look...mmm..lifeless.

I am not sure what it is, and I have seen a lot of them IRL with all sorts of designs and styles. but I look into tier eyes, and they always look dead inside. This is not singular to DOD A lto of dolls can look that way, mine did for a long time. However I notice that DOD's have a tendancy to look plastic, like DOLLS. Which although not a bad thing is something I dislike. I want to look at my doll and see a spark of life and colour.

They also look NOTHING like the promo pics.

So. The big challenge for me here is to avoid that lifeless gaze that I so hate about DOD dolls, and as such I am rethinking who to send him to for his faceup. If I can afford it I would LOVE to send him to Bread, her prices and her time frame is very tempting (after all I waited 6 months for Phillipe) But Iccayeo who did Étienne's face is also extremely talented and in the same country. So it's a big desision.

I am also undecided on his wig. It has to be brown, but I don't know what style to choose.

What he DOES have, is a pair of brown sandals and a black Hakama being made.

For Refernce, this is a chibi I drew of him. His design has altered from the inital one, as I was not too keen on the white markings on his face. So now he has more of a ...Cannot remember what you call that style of Japanese make up that the actors wear....urgh that will irritate me.

(excuse the Naruto-esque leg bag thing haha)

I shall try to make an effort to post more, however with all the stuff that has been going on this year its only recently I've been able to get back into dolls...
15 March 2010 @ 03:06 pm
 So I went to the doll meet in York yesterday, I took over 300 photographs! check out the thread here : Den of Angels Gallery thread: York meet

I'll only be posting the ones of Phillipe and Étienne here ^_^

Group shot! (click for bigger!)

Phillipe and Paige (Wolfeclaw's (doa) doll. )

This is one those rare times where I got to photograph two SD's together with a lot of freedom, It's the first time I've ever photographed like this. Thanks to Claire for letting me borrow her doll for a fancy shoot :D

Phillipe and Kja

(even harder to pose a SD with a MSD!)


Étienne after I sold off his clothes!

And the reason why I had two photo shoots with Phillipe :D

Kja is
Clarrys and Paige is Wolfeclaws
07 March 2010 @ 04:26 pm
So I DID decide to sell off all my MSD stuff.

check it all out here  

Everything you've seen Étienne or Avylinn wear is all up for sale, shoes, clothes and wigs. 
02 March 2010 @ 10:27 pm
So, I'm not bonding at all with Étienne anymore. I got him complete and I tried taking photo's but....


He just doesn't look like the character, I want to put him on a SD too.
I love the Valentia mold SO much, but it's so freaking awkward to just., well,DO things with.... It's knackered. He spends all his time in a box due to his head needing a fix again. I can't photograph him as he's awkward, I can't take him to meets because he is broken ALL THE TIME.
He's like a sick child -_- 

So, I think I am going to sell off his clothes and start again... His face will stay as it is as I LOVE the face up by iccheayo! There is nothing wrong with that, just my general design... The Valentia really is a muse mold. I put all my dolls onto it and then they leave for other bodies, haha.

I'm undecided but he's really not doing anything and the clothes will not be reused as I don't want another MSD, (that includes Tatiana atm)

So if you like any of Étienne's attire give me a shout and if I decide to sell it you can get first dibs (once I suss out prices)
11 February 2010 @ 05:53 pm
 Been a REALLY long time since I took any photos, I got a new camera this new years however and needed to test it out on things that were not buildings (I hate photographing buildings)

Cross posted to Den Of Angels (been a while since I posted there)

So here we have some Phillipe;

And one of Étienne, as he is terrible to photograph.

enjoy ^_^
20 January 2010 @ 08:25 pm
Just a quick post to advise everyone that i am still around. 
My life took a nice sharp U turn at newyears so things are currently hectic as hell This means I have to save my pennies and focus on less luxurious things in my life, such as finding somewhere to live etc. 

I am still browsing my friends page, I am sorry if I haven't commented, In all honesty i really do suck at commenting, but I read every single post on my friends page! I love seeing what everyone is up to. 

Hopefully I'll be a little more active in the hobby again once things have calmed down.

Feel free to hit me up on MSM at delacroixiandolls@gmail.com if anyone wants to chat (I am always on MSM/googletalk)
01 December 2009 @ 11:15 pm
I took these a good month or so ago, but thought i would post them as i just found them on my camera :D

16 November 2009 @ 10:55 pm
My old camera is 4 years old and is made of steam powered cogs. It's crap, it rarely turns on, and it's like wrestling a cow to take a photo with.

Being that the doll community use a lot of cameras, and I know that some of you are really avid photographers, I am asking you what your personal suggestions for a new camera are. (your favourite brand? advice on deciding what's important and personal experience)

I love photography and this camera is not only for taking doll photos with. (My old camera became so crap by the time I took photos of real things they had moved) so suggestions of all kinds are appreciated.

I really do not have much of an idea what the best is out there. There are a lot of cameras out there and since leaving university I've left most of my knowledge of camera specs behind.

I can't stretch to a budget over £200 as I don't want a professional standard camera just yet. Just something that...well...works mainly. LOL. So if you know of anything in that range, lemme know.

(post from 14th November)
I need some inspiration.

I have a problem that I live in a flat so I have no garden. I don't live in a secluded place so I can't just take my dolls with me to a local part etc on my own as I will get harassed by the locals (who stare at me weird anyway)

I am getting bored of using my generic backgrounds. (so much so that I've not taken any photos for a while)

So this is mostly just an little enquiry as to what you guys use as backgrounds when photographing your dolls?

Be it tips on how to not gather tons of attention when photographing outside (I really need a doll buddy to guard me while I do or something) or some good suggestions for backgrounds, external or internal.

I really am lacking on inspiration...

in other news, I may be buying a new camera, nothing fancy but something that is a little less la~me then my current naffed 6 year ( I lie, I sussed out it is 4 years old) old camera. Preferably one with settings! (HOMG settings!~)


Cross posted from Deviantart
29 September 2009 @ 09:55 pm
Just to let you all know I am still alive/around. I've not really got much to say/update with doll wise so I've gone a little quiet. I am still checking my f-list though and commenting too ^_^

Doll meet for Leeds is sorted now, If your in the Leeds, West Yorkshire area of the UK give it a look
Here at DOA

I will be taking Phillipe with me to show off his fancy new Sadol waist coat, and Étienne as he's not been out since I have completed him :D

For those who have any intrest I've got a new blog for my art realated shenanigans :
Solo Art Blog I've got a new project in the works so most of my time has been spent on that.

Hopefully I'll have a job soon and can start on a new doll, I think Émile will be the next in line as I  really want a Tiny....
And finally:
kurosakura_sin  is leaving the hobby so all her amazing dolls and items are up for sale If you want anything you should probably go have a look at her DoA sales pages as things are shifting  pretty fast.  Link here and here and here

Hopefully I'll update more soon. :D


So, My dolls are finally complete. It’s taken a good few years. I bought my first doll (the Valentia) in 2005 and it’s that doll that has finally been completed. Marking the end of my current doll escapades.

Not that I’m leaving the hobby or anything I’m just at a state of contentment at the moment. I can now finally move towards other things I’ve been saving up for that have been side swept by dolls. (Mostly art related) It has left me feeling a little empty though during my free time. I only ever browsed sales threads when I was actively looking for something and I rarely go there for window shopping. I also found myself moving further away from the gallery threads on the forums due to their saturation of terrible photos. It’s hard to find a gleaming example of either doll customisation/creation or doll photography among the mess of undressed phone photographed dolls against a messy bedroom backdrop.

I am feeling personally proud of myself for completing my dolls. It has been a struggle to get them to look how I want not only due to my own uncertainty but also due to money constraints. I’ve cycled through doll clothes and wigs and eyes so much for my Valentia that to sit and look at it and just think “It’s finished” is a nice one.

This is the satisfaction I have wanted for so long from this hobby and I am excited for when I can start creating another character and get to this point again!

I also found that it has brought along a ton of experience too, I’ve been there at the bottom with the crappy undressed doll against a messy backdrop. I have also gone through a lot of the cliché doll phases (if only to get them out of my system) and now I know how nest to deal with situations and certain types of people, Priceless knowledge that will make my next doll a little easier to complete.

So there we go: Phillipe and Étienne are finished. They both have alternate clothes too which means that I can still get some variety in any photos I take. I will no doubt get some more photos of Étienne as i've not managed to get many yet due to my camera being on it's last legs and the sky being so dark.

not sure what will happen as far as my photography goes. I do want to work on it so I can get nicer doll photos but my camera really is dying and it's not really up there on my 'want to buy soon' list.

You may see a small influx in doll related art however.

so, this was my 'intermission' post and I am going to be standing on the sidelines watching other people stress over dolls for a while :D

I hope that a few of you reading this will actually know this lovely feeling of hobby satisfaction. It was totally worth all the effort.

(cross posted to my DA)
30 July 2009 @ 04:29 pm
I made him a bandana for the photoshoot to see if his head looks better with less big hair. unfortunatley when teamed with a white backdrop it kind of blends in, especially on such a strange lit day. The light for this was from the light that appeared between the REALLY grey rainclouds. it's very....blue....even with lighting ajustments in photoshop I could still not loose the stark contrasts it made.

so here we go; Etienne doing what he likes best, eating prawn noodles. (I made the chopsticks from cocktail umbrellas haha)

25 July 2009 @ 08:26 pm
I keep mispelling his name -_- just like I do with Phillipe's (usually it is Philippe but I chose the alternate spelling) but with Étienne I keep writing it 'Éttiene' it is two N's not two T's *sigh* It sucks as I know how to spell it out loud, but on a keyboard that is how my fingers automatically write it.

So yes, Anyway, His t-shirt arrived today. Even though he still needs his hat and hoodie that are currently at Kurosakura's house for me to collect I decided to get some quick snaps.

a few notes: 1) his wig is huge, I know that it shouldn't matter as he is going to be wearing a beanie all the time anyway. 2) his eyes 'were' in right, but somehow in some photos they look off, despite me checking them a million times they just photographed weirdly -_-. 3)I hate evening, it sucks for photos but I just want to show off :D Once the light is better and he has his parts I will get proper photos and not quick snaps.

Because random photos are so fun, You see how slow my camera is? I pressed the shutter, Étienne fellover AFTER i pressed it and what you see here is a photo from the camera as it is dangling off my wrist and bashing on the floor as i grab Étienne mid fall... talk about action shot

-Trousers are cheerydoll
-Tee is Angel. Candy - rock
-Faceup is by Icchaeyo (viridian house)
13 July 2009 @ 12:23 pm
So, Étienne is pretty much finished now.  He could do with some new eyes but I'm not even sure if he needs them as I need to try the ones I have before I do anything. I put the grey eyes onto 'feeler' until I get his head back and I can check to see if they suit him.

He should be put together by the end of this month. And will only need random bits and bobs. (I hope he looks ok when he is all put together)
04 July 2009 @ 06:18 pm

new shoot over at my deviantart:
Link here
Nothing spectacular so it won't be reposted here.

Étienne's head has been sent off for a face up :D Now he just needs some new eyes and things.
24 June 2009 @ 12:19 pm
But it was brought to my attention that after spending aggggggggges thinking of names for Avylinn and Éttiene I remembered what thier english equivalents were:

Phillipe: Phillip
Étienne: Steven
Avylinn: Evelyn

They have now become lovingly known as

Phil, Steve and Eve ...

Courtesy of my lovely boyfreind.

(suppose it's better then some things they have been called by people...)

As stated in the title I meant to comment on this ages ago when it first arose, but remembered just now when I tried to say Étienne and just got fed up and called him Steve...
23 June 2009 @ 03:50 pm
Phillipe is so awesome. *Fangirls*

Do you ever have those days when you look at one of your dolls and go "It was worth every penny" ?

I spent over 3 years creating Phillipe. It's nice to just look and see him and finally see how wonderful everything looks put together! All the hasstle paid off.

Sometimes I don't belive he is my doll, He's far too pretty and well done to be mine, I only have shitty dolls :D (in-joke?)
I love this weird sence of acheivement this hobby brings, and how spontaneous it always is too.

I am rareing to get Éttiene done now, One day he will look this good too! (maybe not on the Valentia...The Valentia is obviously a cursed mold...)

You all know this hobby can be a bitch sometimes, But this is what makes it all worthwhile. (if it doesn't then your in the wrong hobby!)
15 June 2009 @ 02:55 pm
It was overcast, I was lacking inspiration but I've not posted photos for a while and nothing screams Phototaime like new clothes.

Waistcoat and Shirt from Sadol.

x-posted to my
My Doll Deviantart and eventually DOA

Wtf? He HAS legs! Yes he does. I just never photograph them cos he usually looks lame XD

Thanks for looking :D
27 May 2009 @ 10:05 pm
Trying to see if I can kit out Étienne on the cheap! (I'm not including shipping prices in my endevour as nothing ever costs more then about $5 to ship or faceup costs)

I am very picky as I still want good quality things but for a second hand price..So far I am doing good! I have a total of about $36 left

Got so far:

I got him some brand new shoes for $12
A second hand unused wig for $10
Two cute sushi bowls for Étienne $9

Waiting on:

Dollmore beanie for $4
Tshirt for $3


Brown 14mm glass eyes
t-shirt/jumper/ torso covers XD
Possibly trousers but I made him some

This is a pretty fun game and the rewards are cheap good quality stuff! It's nice to browse around to find a bargain. Leaves me some money left over to buy more expensive important things (such as face up's and eyes). :D
15 May 2009 @ 05:31 pm
I'm browsing around as I am toying with the thought of turning one of my younger characters into a BJD. (He popped up while I was editing Phillipe's story.) I suck with tinies, Everytime I see a tiny (specifically a yo-sd) I love them to bits but never thought i could buy one. I would have nothing to do with it, it would sit there in default attire. So the arrival of Émile to the story is a great chance to indulge in one of my secret wants.

It will be a while before I would get him, but It's possible he will come before the Tatiana for Avylinn as I want a tiny sooooo bad. (more then a girl doll)

So I am asking those of you who own tinies is there anything I should know about them?

how easy they are to pose, prone to breakage hard to find clothes for (Émile is a little dead boy so I doubt this would be hard) and most importantly which do you think are the best and would reccommend? I am looking for a doll that looks about 6 years old.

Tinies are a new venture for me so I know very little about them, thier restrictions and such. I've only seen them irl a few times. I am of course doing my own research on DoA and the like. It's just nice to hear opinions personally too in a place that won't chastise you for your opinion.

15 May 2009 @ 12:01 am
I've been meaning to write this up for ages;
Two days ago I decided to start work on Étienne, his body needed a good clean and his head needed a good fix.
Using the hot water method I managed to fix his head! Yey :3

Previously, the little curved bits you can see on the inside had been stretched out by the S hook and it would no longer hold the hook as the hole was bigger then the width of it. -_- As you can see it was successful. The only problem at the moment is that the magnets are sticking out slightly which creates that thin gap. I've managed to sand a little of the magnets down but I don't much like sanding metal...

Here you can his hands, The one on the right is blushed, the one on the left is broken. You can see the glue lines from where I fixed the fingers back on. I ended up manageing to sand away the excess glue, but the blush was not very forthcoming with sticking to it. In the end i just gave  him small band tattoo's over the areas.

I will get photo's of the body blush when the light is better (It's been very overcast) I gave him a very VERY shitty faceup that is currently better then nothing (but that is all it is better then) 

A small tidbit here: I decided to use Krylon rather then testors this time as a matte spray, and it is so.much.better. I know it differs on resin, peoples prefernces and other things but over all it worked very nice. I needed less to coat it with and it only did minor speckling, likely because I didn't shake the can well enough, but even then under the same situation as the testors it did better. It also did not make me feel sick. I used testors in a garden and it still made me feel nauseous (yes I had a mask on and sprayed far away etc etc) It could just be the smell.

I am in the process of updating my doll website. I have the story of my dolls plus Phillipe's bio up there. I will save that update for another time.

have a cheeky photo of Phillipe: (The rest are on my DA (delacroixian.deviantart.com))

07 May 2009 @ 11:40 pm
Seen as though I'm moving Avylinn onto a Tatiana mold at some point, I was left with a lonely Valentia mold. I planned on turning him back into a boy and finally settled on the idea a few days ago and started work on cleaning / fixing the poor doll back up.

It will take work, as i'm still unsure bout how I want it to look but yes, He got a name today, it is:

Étienne Delacroix still not sure ho whe fits in with the rest of the family, but that's the least of my problems at the moment, haha (he needs a wig and clothes) I don't know weather to stick Avylinn's stuff up for sale as it's unlikley I will be able to buy a Tatiana for a Loooooooooooong time. I will not be selling her clothes as I spent ages looking for them. But I may sell her wigs. 'unno *shrugs*

I'll update more as I sort it out XD

in other news, I bought Phillipe the "minuet" waistcoat and a pinktuck black shirt from SaDoll. Oppertunity presented itself and I couldn't resist :3 so he'll have some sexy new clothes soon.

and finally, I've started work on my Doll website (to post pics/story/bio etc)


(commissions are still open btw. I'm pimping like mad so I can sort out my bank (a little hypocritical as i just bought some doll stuff but I rarely get new things and i can't remove money from my paypal to pay my bank anyway XD))
26 April 2009 @ 11:01 pm
The pictures from the meet are here (including my photos)

DOA gallery post

and the few I got of Phillipe are here and on my DA:

I really need to learn to do full body shots -_-  but hey, It's unlikley I will be able to take photos outside again anytime soon. >.>
25 March 2009 @ 05:27 pm
Got bored earlier today so have some more photos born from my bordem, no kit or anything, just grabbed Phillipe (as he was, left over from before.)
I dragged him around the house and shoved him in front of things. His green eyes made this work a lot better as with his green eyes I kinda see him more as a doll in my house, then the representation of a character which made it easier for me to photograph him around things that are totally out of proportion.

It's kind of teaching me some new techniques, Eventually, EVENTUALLY I'll be able to get some bloody full body shots, But seen as though he's finally got a face i can't help but just shoot photos of his head! 

Here he is sat on the back of the sofa.

This came out suprisingly well as i just shoved him in front of the computer monitor and photographed him, Didn't even check the lighting or anything.

I would like to do a proper shoot with that background, It never occured to me to ever use that as a background. Learnt a few things about photographing Mirrors and glass with this one -_-

So yup,  3 backgrounds, 10 photos and i got one from each, (half were repeated shots/pose and a few were blurry/dark) Not bad for point and click with the worst camera in the world.
I really do need a new camera >.> So here is the photo spam of phillipe's new faceup. I took almost 300 photos with the pure intention of getting nice photos of his faceup. I've still got plenty of photo ideas but i need more kit. So for now; Enjoy.

Here are my favorite few to lure you under the cut:

Phillipe as normal

Green eyed

looking FAR too cute

Army man!

(he totally needs a uniform now, no arrogant prince would be complete without one)

Shoot 1

Shoot 2

Shoot 3

Shoot 4

Shoot 5


Shoot 6

Shoot 7

Shoot 8

Infomation: Phillipe Delacroix
Head: Migidoll Miho
Faceup: Bread17 DOA
Body: Domuya Flexi
Jumper & Suit Top: Tata's Paradise
Shirt: Doll heart Erasmus set
necklace Gift
Trousers: unknown brand
Shoes: Luts
Wig: Wine and Black Mohair: Dollndoll
Eyes: Glass Lilac: Gift
Turquoise Green: Pupapa

Uniform Heise uniform borrowed from

Partially Cross posted to Den of Angels

01 March 2009 @ 01:05 pm
I move house tommorrow. So I will be away from the internet for about 3-4 weeks (because apparently connecting cables is HARD work and takes forever....srsly, I'd do it myself if they would let me >.>)

But in a turn of good luck, I got an email today from Bread saying that Philllipe is finsihed! Along with these very beautiful pictures!
I know that I booked in November and in theory it should have been finished before then, but I am SO GLAD that it wasn't. In so few months she has improved so much (the increase in price along should show that) I definatley will consider her again for my next doll, she did exactly as I had requested, he looks so georgeous! i'm so impressed with the eybrows too! (Eyesbrows are the turning point for weather I commission someone or not)

I am so excited now! What a wonderful thing to see the day before I fall off the face of the planet! This also meant I was able to pay her today too, meaning all I will have to do is pick him up from 
[info]kurosakura_sin  's house when he arrives.

:3 Moving house is so stressful (espesially considering this is the 3rd  time i have moved house in 2 months.) It was lovely to see this when I woke up this morning with only packing in mind (not so much packing as removing it from storage hahaa) 

I'll see you all in a few weeks! Hopefully with some awesome pictures of a finally completed Phillipe!
27 January 2009 @ 06:09 pm

 I post so little of my artwork in here as it is usually neither doll nor GL related. But this time, it is both! Huzzah.

This is my design for Avylinn when she is moved on to a (tatania) a new doll. I've given her a more feminine feeling and although the character itself is a small breasted one I will likely opt for the larger breasted doll as I just prefer it. Avylinn will have boobies! omgz. As such her estimate age has kind of rose in her design; she is more of a teen now. Whereas before she was less then 12 she is now about 16ish in her looks. 

So here we go: 

<broken link>

Other then her age and her face nothing much has changed, she will still be wearing full length old style clothes, and her hair will still be curled. Even though her damaged hand will no longer "really" be broken, the bandages have been in her character from the start so it is unlikely they will be gone. Her character is intended to be physically weak and the bandages represent that, along with the light coloured clothes. 
This is my next project btw: A roman inspired Lolita dress. Complete with wreath headdress!

<broken link>
The terrible scan makes it look like an old photograph at the top XD it will likely be made from a mix of organza and white unshiny satin. The top layer will be a veil with the roses and things embroidered onto the veil (in theory, but I have neither the means nor the money to embroider to my needs, so I will take what comes my way. May end up with just ruffles. We'll see.
Roman design was very big in French especially among the royals. So this fits in nicely. I would love a mask to go with it for some kind of masquerade ball....now Phillipe needs something...damn. He would have that fancy Caesar outfit that King Louis VI wore. The armour was made from leather, so I suppose it would be possible to make. 

Some other time maybe.
13 January 2009 @ 03:44 pm
soooo, dolls... 
(I am sure I have started a post with that before.)
Anywhoo. Phillipe and Avylinn are both at my mothers house being hidden away from the smoke and the damp and all sorts of other things. I managed to fit them both in the converted Violin case bag thing I made and it was pretty snug and a lot mroe protective then thier boxes. 
As I won't be getting my dolls back for another few months it has given me time to think about what I want to do with them.
Phillipe: Just, waiting for his head really...which will be posted to kurosakura_sin 's house so I wont get it until I pick it up anyway. He has all his clothes, All I really want for him now is a pair of darker eyes to give off a different emotion in photos. 
Avylinn: ...Well. I don't have a god. damned. clue. I just, cannot connect with that doll. I think back to when I first got it and it's been changed every few months. I have stuck with nothing on my Valentia and I have no idea why. I just can't find the style that fits it.
So I'm thinking of moving Avylinn onto a Tatania. why? Because I REALLLLLY want a Tatania. really, really, really. I love her face. I was worried that because they are so different, the Valentia and Tatania, that Avylinn wouldn't fit. But because Avylinn, Like Phillipe was born on a Valentia it means I have no set idea for them anyway, If the Valentia was right for the ideas I had, I would have left their characters on there. 
I really like Avylinn as a concept. I like her style and her design so I do not want to 'kill her off' as it would seem if I was to just change the Valentia now. 
So; The valentia? My idea is to make it some kind of muse, a shape shifter. It is really ideal as every doll Idea I have had is born from the valentia so I may make a new character then move it to another doll. Like it is my little doll design muse. This leaves me open to learning some dolly stuff without worrying, I can face up the HELL out of it without any worries I want to try some minor removable modding on it, things such as ears, scars and what not. Try some tattoos and things. 
I would never be able to sell the Valentia even if I wanted... Scratched, 3 broken fingers and a broken head XD (Which I DO plan on fixing.)  So, there we go. My next doll will Likely be a Tatania (And leave the SD girl until I actually decided (and save up) for one I really like) I said I never wanted another MSD but DAMN YOU Tatania. I fell in love with that mold the moment I saw it.
Crafts: Found my bloody necklaces as I was moving out. they DID fall behind hte wardrobe. So at some point I'll get some photos of them to show you all. (maybe sell them too). Sewing things are at my mum's so no sewing for a while 
I have however, been working on drawing the designs of my dolls down. Mostly Avylinn as Phillipe is already set in stone, Plus I have no idea what Bread is doing with his face so I can't draw him until I see him. I'm also playing with ideas for the valentia. 
He/she/it could do with a name. No doubt, as I put characters onto him, they will take thier names with them so I need a name I can essentially barrel onto the end of the characters name. yet can use it to refer to the muse itself and not the character...If you understand...LOL
So far, names include: Humon, Anon, Alias, Pseudonym (I keep saying it as Sy-don-om so It would likely be a misspelling) you get my idea though, A name that is nameless essentially. 

I'll upload my pictures when I have them scanned etc etc.
03 January 2009 @ 05:18 pm
   I was about to ask about this on DOA but it seems to have died on me. So i'm going to post here until I can access the forum         again. 
The question is about Cigarette smoke and dolls.
Due to certain circumstances I am moving to a house where both of the elder occupants smoke and they smoke indoors in close quarters. Obviously, It is out of the question for me to ask them to stop smoking for me as it is an offer of generosity that they are letting me and my boyfriend stay with them. I can cope with the smell on my clothes and the smell on me as I know that when I move out it's easy enough to get rid of and I can always hide away to restrict the amount of smoke I encounter.
However, does the smell of cigarette smoke cling to resin? 
I know it can cling to wood and leather and other such materials so I would expect it does. I am trying to arrange that someone else keep my dolls and their items with them while I stay there along with all my LE artbooks and sewing materials, but if some how it turns out that I have to take them with me I am trying to think of the possibility that my dolls may stink. I'm pretty sensitive to the smell of smoke especially if I move from a non-smoking household to a smoking one and back and forth so it will become very obvious when I move out.
On the chance that my dolls DO stink of cigarettes, how do you imagine I can get rid of it?
 It's a smell that pretty much soaks into everything and I know all my furniture I got from my parents who smoke stunk of the stuff for months. I really don't want to dry clean all my dolls clothes (not sure how they would survive a washing machine and I'd have to hand wash them hundreds of times to get rid of the smell) I even considered putting them in bags, but I did that with the clothes I took over Christmas and when I got back I still had to clean them all, even the ones I did not wear.
I imagine smoke will not colour the resin unless they are sat out in it (Kind of how it colours paper and paint) for a long time. So that should not effect it at all. 
I've had the dolls at my own parents before, but they smoke outside and only in a single room in the house (as they live in thier pub) but only the clothes started to smell I didn't mind too much as it was some crap I threw together and not a bunch of clothes and items that cost me in excess of $400. 
I sound a lot like I am whining now. But yes, Any opinions?

I suppose this question could also apply to things such as cooking smell, fire smoke and other kinds of things too.
31 December 2008 @ 01:15 am

I have been avoiding them lately as I have no money and Phillipe's head is still with bread, I'm not complaining, she can have him for as long as it takes but  that does leave me with no doll to play with. ( I know I have Avylinn but she's all broken and awkward and I've pretty much used up all my fun from her until I get something new for her)

I've been thinking about what dolls I want next, and am considering moving Avylinn onto a new doll, A Iplehouse Tatania to be precise. Tatania looks nothing like how I see Avylinn, but I'm thinking up every excuse I can for getting her X3 

I doubt I will part with the Valentia either way, as I love it to bits. It'll just sit in a box for a while until I decide what to do with it. Maybe Avylinn can have a younger brother? 

I am also eyeing up the supia doll Lana, She's pretty and I'm starting to prefer her over Re-An.

I have plently of time to decide either way, In the meantime;

Does anyone on my f-list own a Supia doll? What is thier quality and resin like? It looks very, transparent in the pictures and somehow plasticy on a lot of DOA owner pics. Just an off chance that anyone has one and would like to give me a little insight. 

Same goes for a Tatania, anyone own her? So far I see no one complain about her but just to be safe!

18 December 2008 @ 01:19 pm
 I think I have decided on what I want to spend my money on...A camera ^_^

The camera I have at the moment is an Olypus, with a 3x zoom, 3.2 megapixels with little else to brag about and it cost me £150 on my 18th Birthday (yep, that's right I had to buy my OWN present....I'm 22 now.) the camera I want is only £120 with more extra's it's made of gold!!!! not really)

It's only a advanced digital camera, I decided to get a mid-camera so I can learn a little more about photography before I go blowing half a grand on a DSLR. I've only used one a few times at university. 

So it seems a sensible choice, as I love using my camera, but I use it less then I want as it's shite and takes at least 30 seconds to take a photo (I can't stay steady for that long) The only reason my photos are half decent is because I know how to use Photoshop!

Yey! :) I'm still thinking it over, but I think that's what I want.

Also = Dissidia Biyatches! *booya* <3<3<3 Show me some Kuja lovan! 
15 December 2008 @ 03:40 pm
So, My boyfreind came upon and unexpected bonus at work, meaning it's "free money" (as we did not account for it in out finances) Thus he says we can spend it on ourselves for christmas.

My first thought is : "OMFG DOLLLLLZ!!!One"

Then there were more thoughts trying more sensible things, such as saving. So I think I will split it, half for dolls and half for sensible.

Now, What to spend it on? My boyfriend says I could save it and buy a new doll in January. (even though he told me I needed to fix Avylinn before I bought any more dolls.) 

Then I thought "I could fix up Avylinn!" Which was swiftly followed by "She's too broken, It would cost double what I have allotted, even half wouldn't fix her head" So poor Avylinn Is not getting fixed, I have no idea what to do with her, I love her to bits The valentia is one of those Molds that has never ever gotten old on me I love it to bits. But, she is always broken! ALWAYS. I can cope with her floppy head, as I do not plan to take her to meets or things and it poses fine if you have patience. I would like to get her a new faceup, but thats pointless until her neck is fixed (As it may get damaged while being fixed) So, I'm content with her. I like her, Her faceup isn't terrible and will be fine until It starts to get warmer, then she will look weird....

SO, What to buy??? Anything I buy for Phillipe now will be a luxery. He doesn't "need" anything. I would like some new eyes and maybe an alternate wig (in black)

Those are not too expensive, I could buy those then save the rest of the doll half! Yeah, That sounds like an awesome idea (maybe even buy myself some clothes)
25 November 2008 @ 08:32 am
Well, I've not updated in a while. I've not really been on-line in a while. I feel so out of the loop.
anyway, all hopes of me getting Phillipe's clothes before I go to Glasgow for the week have gone out the window...It's stuck in customs and all the tracking says is 'AWAITING CUSTOMS CHARGING" in caps too. I've never had anything caught in customs before so I have very little idea how this whole shindig goes down. I find it fortunate that I get caught in customs now, after the new rules are in place. (Please reassure me they are)
So it looks like it will be a while before Phillipe gets his suit and his jumper. As peeved as I am that it's got stuck, that's only because I have to pay extra to it, I hate paying fees, especially when they are fees you cannot avoid. (such as avoiding late payments or not parking on double yellows.) As long as I get them before his head I'll be fine.
So...Phillipe is ready, just waiting on his stuff...
I am not sure what to do with Avylinn. She seems so awkward to work with, There is always something wrong with her.If it's not her broken fingers, it's her broken head, If it's not her broken head it's her eye putty or her wig...she's very VERY pissy. In a way an inanimate object should not be! (More pissy then my blue screening PC) 
So I am considering just shoving her in a box until I can be bothered to bother with her. She is going to be an expensive endeavour, more expensive then buying a new doll. (Which I plan to do before I fix her). I have decided that I want a Musedoll Re-An. That means I will then own a SD boy, an SD girl and A msd. To me, Msd's seem the same weather they are girl or boy, And the only other MSD I want is the Iple house Tatania as she is adorable, But I wanted her in SD. Re-An is the ONLY girl doll I like atm. I am not a fan of girl dolls, I love the bodies more then the male bodies (I find make bodies to be rather plain) but all the girls have face molds that I don't like at all. So I settled for a doll that not only has a pretty head, but I really like the Musedoll lady bodies. 
She also has a very generic face, as nice as it is, which means I don't have to sick to any strict "Phillipe would not wear this shit!" attitude...I know he's a doll but I am rather anal on what he will and won't wear. I plan on easing up on that and giving him some more casual clothes. 
  • Phillipe is pretty much finished.
  • I am abandoning Avylinn until I have the time for her. (She's at a state of 'Ok' So I can still photograph her and the like.)
  • I would like to get a Musedoll Re-An to finish my collection. (It means I can buy heads and not worry so much about no bodies,)
Somewhere in the distant future;
  • Get Avylinn fixed.
  • Get Phillipe a new body.
I am awaiting a delivery of a new graphics card for my PC meaning I can finally play Left 4 Dead without a blue screen! Yey...

I bought hair rollers today, So after said delivery I will be attempting to curl my hair with rollers! (Never used rollers before) So Disaster photos may follow! Lol.
: ClassicFM
31 October 2008 @ 05:54 pm
Hello to any new friends I have just added ^_^ I am 'Solo-angel' on DOA (I had about 4000 notifications from DOA saying the LJ thread had been updated so I took the time to gander through and added a few with dolls I like ^_^ ) If you came here because I added you then 'Hello!' I do comment in journals if I have something constructive to say so please don't worry about me being a stalker or a lurker...I hate lurking, It's kinda creepy.
I love having new friends in this journal. It is Lolita and Dolls only (I have a separate journal for personal things) So everything here will be on topic!
So- Updates
The Good
  • Phillipe's head has officially arrived with Bread17, Meaning he is finally, FINALLY, getting a face!
  • Avylinn has nice new clothes! that suit her so well! The top is so baggy and adorable.
  • I made some jewellery, A shell type necklace, A replica of Yuna's necklace, and a little generic chain...but the things have fallen down the back of my wardrobe >.> ( At least I hope that is where they are else i have no idea) so no pics for a while.
  • Updated my selling journal with new pics, go take a looksie! (It's in my DOA signature)
The Bad
  • His suit is not complete ( I told you I would give up and be lazy XD)
  • Said lost necklaces >.>
  • No shoes for either dolls now (Avylinn's are brown, and although they suit her green dress, they don't suit her white one.)
  • Avylinn REALLY needs a new faceup, The one she has now makes her look like a transvestite and/or too old.
I can't think of anything else really now.

Halloween is great! I love seeing all the cosplaying dolls! I saw a Ritsuka one yesterday and it was so adorable, Looked just like him too! 

Also, I really want a Re-An still. I need a grown up lady doll.
08 October 2008 @ 05:54 pm
So! My sales on EBay worked out!  I now have enough money to send Phillipe off for his face up, With a little left over I may add.
I am so happy, This combined with the arrival and absolute awesomeness of his wig is really bringing me back to the land of “happy dollies”!
I am also in try process of refining a pattern I made to make him some nice trousers. So hopefully I’ll get those made at some point.
I also made some jewellery, Not ‘great’ but will post up photos. I made a SD sized replica of Yuna’s necklace from ff10 (I used all he parts from the official necklace, just added it all to a smaller chain). May sell it as I have no use for it.
Edit: ran it through a spell checker on word as Google chrome seems to hate LJ 
I hate it when you cannot do anything -_- So annoying.  I have (or to be more precise 'I am half way through') making some t-shirts for SD boys. Phillipe is looking so lame and pathetic right now I need to do something to make him less lame. 
I have, however, noticed an influx of people having a doll version of a crisis of faith recently. (myself not excluded.)
Sucks really, as now is the best time to grab a bargain really as people are selling those things you look at in photos all the time and wish they would sell it. Yet I cannot help feeling annoyed that I haven't got no money to partake in the mass selling of 2008.
Which made me think, Do doll shops have a January sale? now. I know that the majority of the shops are not English or American or are non-Christian countries (even though being Christian has long lost  anything to do with 'Christmas') and may not have the same attitude to Christmas as we do, such as January sales, But is there any holidays where they do something similar?
I love mass sales, I refuse to buy Christmas presents before Christmas as its so much cheaper in January. (saying that, I haven't bought Christmas presents for about 5 years -_-).
So yeah, something that I haven't really thought about until now. 
Another thing! I have loads of crap (broken pieces of jewellery random chains and things) to make jewellery and things out of so I may attempt to make some sometime.
Finally, another use for the soldering iron (was such a random buy >.>)
08 September 2008 @ 06:41 pm
Thought i would share an update on how my dolls are going:


I just bought Phillipe a wig, in an attempt to make him look more modern and 'cool' (lol.) I have a faceup artist picked out already for his face, but I can not choose a slot as i don't rightly know when i will definately have the money. (would be wrong to secure a place knowing how wobbly my cashflow is.)

I found a suit i would very much like for him but its in excess of $100 so it's unlikely i'll be getting that anytime soon. All in all, i know exactly what i want for Phillipe and where i can get it, it's now just a matter of bleeding blood from a stone.


Avylinn however is a new kettle of fish. I thought she was complete apart from some eyes but i decided that i'm not too happy with the way she looks, she looks too...old. So i will be going back to my original specifications for her, her original specifications were that she was sick. So it would be nice to have her faceup reflect that, (not. OMG dying sick, but, she has an infection kinda sick) i am thinking redder cheeks and a less made up face, her lips and eyes i would like to be natural and rather plain, the main focus i imagine would be her undereyes. This means i will also be repplying her bandages and plasters (which i removed as they didn't suit her current faceup).Which in turn means i can hide her actually broken hand XD.

The eyes i got are a 14mm green and a 12mm grey. I would like not only to see how grey looks, but how a 12mm looks too, but i got the green 14mm i was planning on buying just incase.

As far as her clothes go, i have found some i like, but Phillipe's clothes will come first as i have some materials to make some for her (if i can be bothered to move).

I still have some things up for sale on DOA too! click me for clothes and shoes
02 September 2008 @ 10:07 pm
Just a reminder that i have some MSD clothes and wigs up for sale on DOA. (i got fed up of editing both my DOA threads and then the two threads here, so the ones in my journal have been deleted.)

please go have a look ^__^

Msd clothes
Msd wine curly wig, and some curly cream wig wefts

31 August 2008 @ 12:45 am
I now have a new deviantart devoted purely for my dolls. It's likely that from now on I may link to the pictures there. (as my webhost is soon to run out.)

this is it > Delacroixian Deviantart

or if you prefer my normal art is here My regular art cosplay
15 August 2008 @ 09:29 pm
Just bought some MSC ready to finish the blush. Thought I would share the link to my UK friends as its cheap and in the UK! so no problems with customs ^______^


(I’m sure you all know about this anyway but just to be sure) I bought the non-Uv as it's out of stock and i am not "that" fussed about UV, not at the moment anyway. I will buy some when it is in stock and use it on hands and faces, but it seems over kill considering the bodies are hidden most of the time anyway.

Hopefully I will have more photos up later this week.

I should hopefully have real internet too! So I can finally browse all the shops ( I am currently using one of those wireless dongles and I’ve been rationed to non-image heavy websites.)

I have lso found a lot of the things i want for philipe now.  will update with them some other time!

13 August 2008 @ 12:54 am
It has been a while since I have had internet access to update so I thought I would go ahead and recap and update with what I am up to.

So, I have completely stripped both Avylinn and Phillipe down to nothing.




Hacked up my violin case and converted it into a doll carrier. I just need to find my sewing machine pedal so I can sew the lining back in -_- it fit’s a SD perfectly and will fit a SD and a MSD if the MSD is squished at its feet.

I also found the PERFECT wig for Phillipe at Sooom. But it’s only in 9-10” which is HUGE. Hopefully I’ll find it. Here is my little quick sketch concept for new Phillipe. My basis for all new buys.

where the hell will i find a lilac shirt???

I'll post pics of my blushing etc soon. i need to buy some more cleaning bricks and things. but i've given myself a month or two before i want them back together. Free time is so FUN!
19 July 2008 @ 02:18 am
To add to my previous post. i thought of something that needs changing on Avylinn, After searching DOA i found a nice modder who i belive could fix her.

The problem is that her eye sockets are damaged, chipped and what not, and she has a few nicks in her face. I am thinking of getting her eyes resculpted so that they are no longer all chipped, they are also larger then when i bought her so it would be no problem to make them a little smaller.

I also need her neck hole fixing, as leaving the head on the body without the faceplate means that it pushes the neck out (having nothing to keep its shape) this has resulted in the faceplate not fitting anymore and there is a 4mm gap around part of her head. something i want fixed.

Unfortunatley, this means her face up will have to be redone. but if i can, i will try to get her painted the same as she is now (or at least as close as can be) by whoever i get to do Phillipes. (kill two birds with one stone.) so Avylinn is coming first. she needs to be fixed!

It will make her face so much nicer too, as you can see the unevenness and the damage under the faceups and it feels like an insult to the awesome faceup wee_little_faire did.
18 July 2008 @ 11:42 pm
It's my birthday soon, Hopefully I will get some money so I am deciding what to spend it on. (It's probably only about £30) So far, I have decided to get Phillipe a new face up as I want to change his style. So slowly I will be working on making him different, I am going for a modern look to him as opposed to the era look I wanted (yet will never achieve as i am fussy and broke.) before.

Avylinn seems to pull off this modern look quiet well, while still retaining her "antique" ness. The only way I can think to describe her is 'Retro' haha.

Among my search to update Phillpe is that I need a new body for him, The domuya was a great find and cheap but the bobbleheadedness is starting to annoy me, as if he doesn't have his giant jacket on, he looks strange. (Its only my photoshoppe skills that are stopping it from being so blatantly obvious in the photos.)

So yes, here is my list of things to work on (in a vague order of completion) :

> New Face Up :It will probably not differ too much from the one he has, as that is pretty much how i want him to be but I think he needs to be a little more distinctive as i will be toning down his hair and clothes.

>New Wig : His hair will still be wine, but i am going to try some short wigs on him, His wine wig is so freaking annoying I may just get rid of it >.>

>New Clothes and shoes : I found a suit on Dollmore that i really like, but its only available in Pinstripe and not only do i hate pinstripe, I don’t think Phillipe would ever wear it, haha. I am basically looking for Suits, as that is what I imagine him to wear. He just needs some fancy shoes. He has none at the moment, so any will do.

>New Body : It's taking a while to research a nice body, and it seems most people prefer the Ryu over the Miho, so I can only find comparison bodies of Ryu, (or Miho on female bodies) I am assuming the Ryu and the Miho are pretty much the same in size (they seem it from the original mold photos) and I have seen a Ryu on a Domuya flexi that suffers the same as my Miho does, being all bobbleheaded.
It does seem that as it said to start with, Leeke is a good choice, fortunately I like Leeke dolls.  (The resin match does not particularly bother me as that can be easily sorted.)

I will never replace his necklace or Eyes (as long as they fit), as they are perfect :3

One main problem i am having with Phillipe, which hopefully altering him will fix. Is that the contrast between his hair and his clothes is too drastic, making photo taking and general viewing look strange, the white of his suit and the red of his hair clash far too much.  Hopefully, a black suit will rectify this, as his suit and his hair will be dark, contrasting his eyes. Until i do get a new suit, i may have to keep him in his white wig (as per my avatar)

I hope to get this done at Christmas, as that is the only time I can see myself gaining money. :)


All she needs is some new eyes and a dress not made by me. I would also like a new wig for her so the one she is wearing doesn't get so tatty.

Other than that, the only things I want is some furniture ( I’d quiet like a rocking chair :) ) and random bits and bobs.

If any one has any kind of advice on anything I’ve posted, such as hints on where to get a nice suit or wig. Or even any information on body comparisons of the Miho, it would be helpful.

Once I do get a new body for Phillipe, the question then is what to do with his old body? Do I dare buy a new head to put on it?? *is excited* I waste nothing!

10 April 2008 @ 08:47 pm
got Phillipes wig today, and wow it is great, in pretty much perfect condition and a LOT better then it looks in the sellers photos, i was expecting a mediocre wig that looked nice but this wig is great, its so much nicer in real life too, the colour is so vibrant, when put on phillipe it makes him look so hansom and different. its so great! it amazes me how different styles make him look.

I will be posting pictures when we have good daylight, possibly after work tomorrow.

I ve also made Avylinn a dress, its rather cute but is a strange colour and style choice but regardless i like it. all she needs now is her face back and her wig. they are both due this week.

starting to get a little worried about where her faceplate is, but because i don't have a specific time of posting it could just be due to the fact she was posted later then i thought.

I will be posting and researching designs and people to commission me some outfits for Avylinn as she is far too small for me to make anything for (especially shirts) I want some specific things for phillipe too. So they are on my list of things i have to save up for now!

I REALLY really still want a crown for phillipe. But gawd knows where i will find one that i like. it has to be metal too. plastic looks so tacky (like an accessory from 'new look' or something.)

Pictures to come soon.
03 April 2008 @ 09:42 pm
Bought two new wigs, one for Avylinn and one for phillipe.

here is the one i have got for Phillipe from a seller on DOA, only $21 :) I think it is really pretty and although it is not exactly what i imagined Phillipe's hair to be, its wine and i really like it, and will probably look great when i put him in modern clothes. i plan to have many styles for Phillipe anyway, i do not see him as the kind of king to have one hairstyle/wig>

Now all that i need is some shoes for Phillipe and both my dolls are at a base stage (as in, they are completed to the most basic or they have all thier parts.) As soon as everything arrives i am going to spend a day cleaning and blushing them up and setting everything up for a nice photoshoot.)

going to post a wish list and a got list soon.
12 February 2008 @ 10:09 pm
I've decided, after playing around with avylinn. That i dont actually like her white hair. i think i would prefer blonde or black.
The length of it also seems to be a bit of a hindrance.

so i'm in two mids whether to sell the wig (which i'd probably get buttons for as i've already cut it once. ) or keep it for the moment until i can sell it.  i do still like her red eyes. and the cute plasters and bandages are growing on me. but her hair is just too pale for her pale skin. i want something more innocent.

so i think that black or blonde would look better. preferably blonde as i already have some blonde curls to make clips with.

she still doesn't have a personality yet. but once i get her looking right i'm sure she will build up.
04 January 2008 @ 09:06 pm
  • i got some lovely items in the post yesterday for avylinn, a lovely silver wig and some 16mm red eyes.
  • the wig is slightly too big, as it is a size 7, but once i ve taken it in a little bit it will be ok.(it has some pins to hold it on).
  • the eyes are from pupa paradise and are ruby red, The wig is from ebay.
  • i also bought some blonde ringlets to make something with eventually.
  • Avilynns faceup has also been removed.so dont be worried about the scary blank face :P
  • i will update better photos but for now these are just basic photos as i was excited XD
  • Edit = updated with better photos.