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25 November 2008 @ 08:32 am
Loooong Post is Looooong  
Well, I've not updated in a while. I've not really been on-line in a while. I feel so out of the loop.
anyway, all hopes of me getting Phillipe's clothes before I go to Glasgow for the week have gone out the window...It's stuck in customs and all the tracking says is 'AWAITING CUSTOMS CHARGING" in caps too. I've never had anything caught in customs before so I have very little idea how this whole shindig goes down. I find it fortunate that I get caught in customs now, after the new rules are in place. (Please reassure me they are)
So it looks like it will be a while before Phillipe gets his suit and his jumper. As peeved as I am that it's got stuck, that's only because I have to pay extra to it, I hate paying fees, especially when they are fees you cannot avoid. (such as avoiding late payments or not parking on double yellows.) As long as I get them before his head I'll be fine.
So...Phillipe is ready, just waiting on his stuff...
I am not sure what to do with Avylinn. She seems so awkward to work with, There is always something wrong with her.If it's not her broken fingers, it's her broken head, If it's not her broken head it's her eye putty or her wig...she's very VERY pissy. In a way an inanimate object should not be! (More pissy then my blue screening PC) 
So I am considering just shoving her in a box until I can be bothered to bother with her. She is going to be an expensive endeavour, more expensive then buying a new doll. (Which I plan to do before I fix her). I have decided that I want a Musedoll Re-An. That means I will then own a SD boy, an SD girl and A msd. To me, Msd's seem the same weather they are girl or boy, And the only other MSD I want is the Iple house Tatania as she is adorable, But I wanted her in SD. Re-An is the ONLY girl doll I like atm. I am not a fan of girl dolls, I love the bodies more then the male bodies (I find make bodies to be rather plain) but all the girls have face molds that I don't like at all. So I settled for a doll that not only has a pretty head, but I really like the Musedoll lady bodies. 
She also has a very generic face, as nice as it is, which means I don't have to sick to any strict "Phillipe would not wear this shit!" attitude...I know he's a doll but I am rather anal on what he will and won't wear. I plan on easing up on that and giving him some more casual clothes. 
  • Phillipe is pretty much finished.
  • I am abandoning Avylinn until I have the time for her. (She's at a state of 'Ok' So I can still photograph her and the like.)
  • I would like to get a Musedoll Re-An to finish my collection. (It means I can buy heads and not worry so much about no bodies,)
Somewhere in the distant future;
  • Get Avylinn fixed.
  • Get Phillipe a new body.
I am awaiting a delivery of a new graphics card for my PC meaning I can finally play Left 4 Dead without a blue screen! Yey...

I bought hair rollers today, So after said delivery I will be attempting to curl my hair with rollers! (Never used rollers before) So Disaster photos may follow! Lol.
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Cat ^..^catcara on November 25th, 2008 09:18 am (UTC)
... it makes a VERY big difference.... what they WEAR..... and... dolls DO get pissy.

Even my husaband knows that. He says he likes living with happy SPOILED dolls.... that he does not want them PISSEDOFF. :).

... Orchid has diamond earrings. :).
efrafaefrafa on November 25th, 2008 05:58 pm (UTC)
This is true, there are certain things I won't even look at for my dolls.
Also, I wish my husband was as cool with my dolls as your is...he thinks it's kinda creepy.
Cat ^..^catcara on November 26th, 2008 04:51 am (UTC)
... first, i have added you as a friend... and... i hope you add me back :) :) ... you can see our dolls here: http://www.cathycara.com , visit Orchid's blog.... Orchid is the one with the purple hair.............

tell your husband: the dolls are actually a VERYBIGDEAL . .... People are doing some very serious shit with the dolls ... and not only are they used extensively in art.... they are a very serious 'cottage industry' which many Americans badly need. ..... many women are contributing to their household incomes and paying their children's college tuition with money made from WHATEVER they do with the dolls.

MyHusband says that Orchid is very good at spending money and very bad at making it.... and that after she gets married in 2010, she should find her OWN HOUSE and go live in it and take all of her clothes and her furniture with her..... :) :).

He does see up close and personal however how people react to the dolls and how much they LOVE them. ..... tell your husband that mine is a supreme ALPHA MALE ... he is not any variety of wimp. ... he was recently at one of his race car club meetings (he races a car) ... and he came home and said: wow. cat. ...it is just AMAZING. ... he said: people are SO INTO the DOLLS. ... he said: all people did was ask me about your work. ... i was hundreds of miles away and all they talked about was THE DOLLS.... i laughed and said: oh, did some of my friends go to the meeting?? he said: the girls?? oh, no. ... well, a couple. ... but... that's NOT who i'm talking about. ... he said: i'm talking about THE GUYS. ... it's THE GUYS who are into your work. ... he said: grown men who were successful in business who drive RACE CARS .... he said: they're passionate about RACE CARS ... and what are they talking about?? you and THE DOLLS. .... he said: it's GUYS who read your blog................

tell your husband: yes, he should meet mine. ... and.... he is missing a GREAT DEAL OF FUN .... and... he is missing THE HUMOR of the dolls.......

and... part of the fun is watching the uninitiated SCREAM with FEAR at the sight of them..... while everyone else laughs and tells them that they're BEAUTIFUL ...... (which they are... :) :) ).

go look on the blog at last Feb... Jan/Feb 2008 we were in the keys.... we brought Alabaster with us... to hit the galleries... he caused a complete FUROR of excitement at the hotel .... and my husband was hysterical that he was SWARMED like a movie star with people taking photos of him by the jacuzzi ..... look for the bar with all the money in it...... let your husband read some of that stuff........ the dollar bill bar is a GREAT thing to see... go look...... :) :).
efrafaefrafa on November 26th, 2008 05:46 pm (UTC)
That's a really funny story.
I definitly don't make any money with my dolls, but that's ok.
I could say any number of positive things to my husband about my dolls and he'd still shake his head...but don't feel bad for me or anything...he plays D&D and I like to tease him about it. :)
Cat ^..^catcara on November 30th, 2008 08:43 pm (UTC)
.... D&D ? ..... hmmmmm.... dress the dolls up like one of the situations.... see if he notices :) :).
efrafaefrafa on December 1st, 2008 12:59 am (UTC)
Pfft! Hahahaha!