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07 May 2009 @ 11:40 pm
Étienne Delacroix  
Seen as though I'm moving Avylinn onto a Tatiana mold at some point, I was left with a lonely Valentia mold. I planned on turning him back into a boy and finally settled on the idea a few days ago and started work on cleaning / fixing the poor doll back up.

It will take work, as i'm still unsure bout how I want it to look but yes, He got a name today, it is:

Étienne Delacroix still not sure ho whe fits in with the rest of the family, but that's the least of my problems at the moment, haha (he needs a wig and clothes) I don't know weather to stick Avylinn's stuff up for sale as it's unlikley I will be able to buy a Tatiana for a Loooooooooooong time. I will not be selling her clothes as I spent ages looking for them. But I may sell her wigs. 'unno *shrugs*

I'll update more as I sort it out XD

in other news, I bought Phillipe the "minuet" waistcoat and a pinktuck black shirt from SaDoll. Oppertunity presented itself and I couldn't resist :3 so he'll have some sexy new clothes soon.

and finally, I've started work on my Doll website (to post pics/story/bio etc)


(commissions are still open btw. I'm pimping like mad so I can sort out my bank (a little hypocritical as i just bought some doll stuff but I rarely get new things and i can't remove money from my paypal to pay my bank anyway XD))