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15 May 2009 @ 12:01 am
Étienne and stuff  
I've been meaning to write this up for ages;
Two days ago I decided to start work on Étienne, his body needed a good clean and his head needed a good fix.
Using the hot water method I managed to fix his head! Yey :3

Previously, the little curved bits you can see on the inside had been stretched out by the S hook and it would no longer hold the hook as the hole was bigger then the width of it. -_- As you can see it was successful. The only problem at the moment is that the magnets are sticking out slightly which creates that thin gap. I've managed to sand a little of the magnets down but I don't much like sanding metal...

Here you can his hands, The one on the right is blushed, the one on the left is broken. You can see the glue lines from where I fixed the fingers back on. I ended up manageing to sand away the excess glue, but the blush was not very forthcoming with sticking to it. In the end i just gave  him small band tattoo's over the areas.

I will get photo's of the body blush when the light is better (It's been very overcast) I gave him a very VERY shitty faceup that is currently better then nothing (but that is all it is better then) 

A small tidbit here: I decided to use Krylon rather then testors this time as a matte spray, and it is so.much.better. I know it differs on resin, peoples prefernces and other things but over all it worked very nice. I needed less to coat it with and it only did minor speckling, likely because I didn't shake the can well enough, but even then under the same situation as the testors it did better. It also did not make me feel sick. I used testors in a garden and it still made me feel nauseous (yes I had a mask on and sprayed far away etc etc) It could just be the smell.

I am in the process of updating my doll website. I have the story of my dolls plus Phillipe's bio up there. I will save that update for another time.

have a cheeky photo of Phillipe: (The rest are on my DA (delacroixian.deviantart.com))