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20 May 2009 @ 10:12 pm
Sales! Unoa faceplate, Minimee, Twingling body & lots of clothes and wigs!  

My good freind
kurosakura_sin is selling a lot of awesome things at the moment that she would verily like to sell.

I really do advise you all to take a look as she has only top quality items!

She is located in the UK and is willing to accept reasonable offers :D
Please take a look!

Thread here


+Unoa Zero (Unon) Marion Faceplate $300

Info: The faceplate is in excellent condition with no modifications. She currently has a very unique and well executed face-up by Icchaeyo of Viridian House. The face up can be wiped if need be, all the custom made clothes associated with the doll are also for sale. (
they are here )


+Oook minimee / Ylisande "Trudie" plus all clothes and accesories $1200

Info: The head is a ooak minimee from the LE2 first batch, Her face up is by Kurosakura herself. The body is a custom cast of the Ylisande body by Twigling. It will come with 2 pairs of feet (regular and high heeled) and custom made clothing and accesorries including a lute and weapons.


+ MSD Volks 'clasping hands' hands. $80
Thread here

MSD Volks 'Clasping Hands' from Dolpa 8 - These hands are very rare and are in pristine, unused condition. They were only given to people who bought Ken and Mika together at Dolpa 8 in 2002! They are meant for two MSD dolls to be able to hold hands.


Accessories: (
thread here)

+SD sized Elven bangle 1 $40

Info Square Prehnite Elven Bangle - Stone is 8mm, band is 4mm. This bracelet has a squarish shape instead of fully round. It has interior round circumference of 60mm.

+SD sized Elven bangle 2 $40

Info Round Prehnite Elven Bangle - Stone is 8mm, band is 3mm. Completely round shape. Interior diameter is 20mm across. Interior circumference of 60mm.


Thread here

+Custom SD16 Outfit (not including shoes) $250

Infocontains: Sleeveless cheongsam-style charcoal grey velvet dress with cutout at chest and across the back, burgundy silk jacket with charcoal silk lining, extremely unique garter-style stockings, black panties, and long gunmetal fingerless gloves (these require fingers which have been separated.)


Thread here

+Dollga 9-10" Royal Gray wig - Lovely fiber quality, stunning colour. Style of the wig is bangless medium-length curls/waves. Really excellent, like new. - $30

Monique 7-8" Milk Brown Wig - Very cute wig, reminds me a little of a metroid. Nicely made by Monique from synthetic mohair. - $15

Volks SDC/Yo-SD "Fluffy Ponytail" in Ivory (W-125C-613) - Brand new, still in original packaging. - $60