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29 September 2009 @ 09:55 pm
New blog, DoA meet, Random sales.  
Just to let you all know I am still alive/around. I've not really got much to say/update with doll wise so I've gone a little quiet. I am still checking my f-list though and commenting too ^_^

Doll meet for Leeds is sorted now, If your in the Leeds, West Yorkshire area of the UK give it a look
Here at DOA

I will be taking Phillipe with me to show off his fancy new Sadol waist coat, and Étienne as he's not been out since I have completed him :D

For those who have any intrest I've got a new blog for my art realated shenanigans :
Solo Art Blog I've got a new project in the works so most of my time has been spent on that.

Hopefully I'll have a job soon and can start on a new doll, I think Émile will be the next in line as I  really want a Tiny....
And finally:
kurosakura_sin  is leaving the hobby so all her amazing dolls and items are up for sale If you want anything you should probably go have a look at her DoA sales pages as things are shifting  pretty fast.  Link here and here and here

Hopefully I'll update more soon. :D