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16 November 2009 @ 10:55 pm
Suggestions please!  
My old camera is 4 years old and is made of steam powered cogs. It's crap, it rarely turns on, and it's like wrestling a cow to take a photo with.

Being that the doll community use a lot of cameras, and I know that some of you are really avid photographers, I am asking you what your personal suggestions for a new camera are. (your favourite brand? advice on deciding what's important and personal experience)

I love photography and this camera is not only for taking doll photos with. (My old camera became so crap by the time I took photos of real things they had moved) so suggestions of all kinds are appreciated.

I really do not have much of an idea what the best is out there. There are a lot of cameras out there and since leaving university I've left most of my knowledge of camera specs behind.

I can't stretch to a budget over £200 as I don't want a professional standard camera just yet. Just something that...well...works mainly. LOL. So if you know of anything in that range, lemme know.

(post from 14th November)
I need some inspiration.

I have a problem that I live in a flat so I have no garden. I don't live in a secluded place so I can't just take my dolls with me to a local part etc on my own as I will get harassed by the locals (who stare at me weird anyway)

I am getting bored of using my generic backgrounds. (so much so that I've not taken any photos for a while)

So this is mostly just an little enquiry as to what you guys use as backgrounds when photographing your dolls?

Be it tips on how to not gather tons of attention when photographing outside (I really need a doll buddy to guard me while I do or something) or some good suggestions for backgrounds, external or internal.

I really am lacking on inspiration...

in other news, I may be buying a new camera, nothing fancy but something that is a little less la~me then my current naffed 6 year ( I lie, I sussed out it is 4 years old) old camera. Preferably one with settings! (HOMG settings!~)


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greatskyriver on November 17th, 2009 05:42 am (UTC)
I'm currently using a Canon PowerShot G9, bought off eBay for just under USD$400 (with extras) a few months ago. The current model is G11 (released in Aug); I'm sure you'd be able to get an affordable G9 or G10 now, and with extras. It's a "prosumer" point-and-shoot, one step below DSLR. Many manual settings apart from the usual stuff -- aperture, shutter speed, filters, white balance, auto and manual focus, manual ISO, etc etc. Also records video, though I've never used that. So far I've used it almost exclusively for doll photography, and it performs wonderfully, the macro is great.
I hope this is helpful. However, my last camera was 5+ years old and a much simpler P&S, so I really don't have any other benchmark to compare it to! ^_^

As for backdrops, I'm also working on it -- the walls of my house are a drab olive-brown (ick), and I don't have many nice drapes/backdrops, though I hope to rectify that soon. I'd be interested to know what inspiration you get. =)