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20 January 2010 @ 08:25 pm
Wow, Still I suck at updating!  
Just a quick post to advise everyone that i am still around. 
My life took a nice sharp U turn at newyears so things are currently hectic as hell This means I have to save my pennies and focus on less luxurious things in my life, such as finding somewhere to live etc. 

I am still browsing my friends page, I am sorry if I haven't commented, In all honesty i really do suck at commenting, but I read every single post on my friends page! I love seeing what everyone is up to. 

Hopefully I'll be a little more active in the hobby again once things have calmed down.

Feel free to hit me up on MSM at delacroixiandolls@gmail.com if anyone wants to chat (I am always on MSM/googletalk)