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22 April 2010 @ 12:55 am
New arrival! MN'IWN the samurai !  
Well, I super duper suck at updating don't i?

So, dollie news: (sorry no pictures atm)

Phillipe; He is being his usual badass self. I really REALLY want to get him some new threads but I only ever choose the best stuff for him which means I have to save for it -_- I also plan to get him a new wig (black likely)but other then that, he is holding up fine. I'm just bored of him being in the same old clothes...

Étienne; gone for good now. The body he was on is now 'The Valentia' and will stay that way. I have no idea what to do with it...

But all the adventure is beggining again with my newest arrival!

Mn'iwn (I say Mn-Ewe-nn) It's Eqyptian...however I cannot remember what for.. anyway, he is a samurai! (not French OMGS) I decided I wanted to work on a doll thats not In Europe, or this century. So he is a Japanese Samurai, he will NOT be accurate.

Doll wise I already got his head, A beauifully modded Tender Elf Sha.

The elf ears are irrelavent as his wig will cover them. As many of you know I was wanting a Littel Monica Dyuke, but this baby was cheaper and had the eye shape I wanted.

However, there are drawbacks;

Sha is a DOD. I am.... not fond of DOD dolls. Not because they are unattractive, bad made or anythign like that, they just always look...mmm..lifeless.

I am not sure what it is, and I have seen a lot of them IRL with all sorts of designs and styles. but I look into tier eyes, and they always look dead inside. This is not singular to DOD A lto of dolls can look that way, mine did for a long time. However I notice that DOD's have a tendancy to look plastic, like DOLLS. Which although not a bad thing is something I dislike. I want to look at my doll and see a spark of life and colour.

They also look NOTHING like the promo pics.

So. The big challenge for me here is to avoid that lifeless gaze that I so hate about DOD dolls, and as such I am rethinking who to send him to for his faceup. If I can afford it I would LOVE to send him to Bread, her prices and her time frame is very tempting (after all I waited 6 months for Phillipe) But Iccayeo who did Étienne's face is also extremely talented and in the same country. So it's a big desision.

I am also undecided on his wig. It has to be brown, but I don't know what style to choose.

What he DOES have, is a pair of brown sandals and a black Hakama being made.

For Refernce, this is a chibi I drew of him. His design has altered from the inital one, as I was not too keen on the white markings on his face. So now he has more of a ...Cannot remember what you call that style of Japanese make up that the actors wear....urgh that will irritate me.

(excuse the Naruto-esque leg bag thing haha)

I shall try to make an effort to post more, however with all the stuff that has been going on this year its only recently I've been able to get back into dolls...