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27 May 2009 @ 10:05 pm
Dorrie bargain hunt  
Trying to see if I can kit out Étienne on the cheap! (I'm not including shipping prices in my endevour as nothing ever costs more then about $5 to ship or faceup costs)

I am very picky as I still want good quality things but for a second hand price..So far I am doing good! I have a total of about $36 left

Got so far:

I got him some brand new shoes for $12
A second hand unused wig for $10
Two cute sushi bowls for Étienne $9

Waiting on:

Dollmore beanie for $4
Tshirt for $3


Brown 14mm glass eyes
t-shirt/jumper/ torso covers XD
Possibly trousers but I made him some

This is a pretty fun game and the rewards are cheap good quality stuff! It's nice to browse around to find a bargain. Leaves me some money left over to buy more expensive important things (such as face up's and eyes). :D