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15 March 2010 @ 03:06 pm
York Meet - 15-04-2010  
 So I went to the doll meet in York yesterday, I took over 300 photographs! check out the thread here : Den of Angels Gallery thread: York meet

I'll only be posting the ones of Phillipe and Étienne here ^_^

Group shot! (click for bigger!)

Phillipe and Paige (Wolfeclaw's (doa) doll. )

This is one those rare times where I got to photograph two SD's together with a lot of freedom, It's the first time I've ever photographed like this. Thanks to Claire for letting me borrow her doll for a fancy shoot :D

Phillipe and Kja

(even harder to pose a SD with a MSD!)


Étienne after I sold off his clothes!

And the reason why I had two photo shoots with Phillipe :D

Kja is
Clarrys and Paige is Wolfeclaws